Our mission

To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention on the rights of the child  guidelines  as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

About us

Our charitable activities started with ICO “Poglyad”, that began its work in 1999 from helping street children. We searched for them in basements, sewage system and heating main and helped them: treated them medically, arranged meals in canteens and organized entertaining picnics.

            Our experience of work demonstrated that 80% of street children were children from problem families, and 20% – children who ran away from boarding schools. Just then we launched our social work with the parents of children who found themselves in difficult living circumstances, as well as with children from orphanages and boarding schools.

            On 13 September 2004, International charitable organization Poglyad was officially registered.

            The organization’s mission is to help socially disadvantaged children to build a decent life and future.

            Organization’s site: www.vzglyad.org.ua

            Over the period of the organization existence we:

  • have established cooperation with 500 boarding schools, orphanages and social rehabilitation centers in Ukraine and have provided targeted assistance to them;
  • have held 8 festivals of children’s crafts, in which participated over 5000 socially disadvantaged children;
  • on a monthly basis, provide food products, personal hygiene and household products for about 100 low-income families and internally-displaced persons from the East of Ukraine and Crimea;
  • every year organize vacation for over 100 children in children’s health camps;
  • have conducted over 20 seminars, webinars and trainings on the following topics: “Forms of family education”, “Preparation of adoptive parents” and “Pedagogy of trauma” (dealing with children who experienced psychological and other forms of traumas), and have trained over 50 specialists in the field of childhood protection;
  • have attracted over 200 volunteers to hold charity events to help children and families who found themselves in difficult living circumstances;
  • have held over 500 charity events for socially disadvantaged children;
  • constantly hold different creative workshops, contests and exhibitions for socially disadvantaged children; attract famous artists, cultural and artistic figures and sportsmen to the activity.

As a continuation of our activity we have also established the following initiatives:

  • On 20 June 2008, International NGO Nazustrich Mrii (Follow your Dream) was estab

The mission of the organization is to support talented children and youth, to create social environment favourable for education of a personality with a high level of creativity, because it’s the talented youth who will form the image of our country on the international stage in future and its innovative human capital by means of sharing their achievements with international community.

For more information, please see the organization’s site: www.mriy.org

  • On 24 April 2014, International charitable foundation Rukh Oporu (Resistance Movement) was established.

The organization’s mission is to provide assistance to Defenders of Ukraine who fight for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

For more information, please see the organization’s site: www.ruhoporu.org

  • On 21 September 2014, on the International Day of Peace, the Volunteer movement GOLOS MIRY (the Voice of Peace) was estab

The GOLOS MIRY volunteer movement was established with a view to draw attention of the society to the cause of supporting Ukraine’s citizens who suffered in the combat area in the East of Ukraine.

For more information, please visit the organization’s page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/golos.miry

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