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To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention on the rights of the child  guidelines  as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

Raising money for prosthesis for Kaluger Olexander!

2015-10-27 21:10

This year at IX Intarnational charity festival of children’s art “Follow your dream” Olexander Kaluher win Gran-Prix! Despite the absence of legs, he is dancing, and such an extremely talented! His dance caused delight of spectators, it just struck all present with his courage and willpower! Video can be viewed here.

At birth Sasha was injured and doctors amputated his right leg. Mother left the baby and he was brought up in Tsyuryupinsk orphanage. Few years ago Service of Social Protection of Ukraine has allocated prosthesis to the young man but he grown out of it and now Sasha needs a new one. Despite the lack of leg this boy is a dancer and he is extremely talented! This year Alexander has received the Grand Prix at the 9th International Festival ” Follow Your Dream”, his dance impressed all viewers! Video with heartwarming protrusion you can see here.

Association of international and national public organizations “Social protection” considers it its vocation to help Sasha in the receiving of funds for prosthesis, the cost of which is 92,899 UAH.

Alexander medical history.

Association of international and national public organizations “Social protection”
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