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To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention on the rights of the child  guidelines  as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

Charitable concert “Music that heals”

2017-10-25 11:10

Charitable concert for people with special needs
On December 3, 2017, at 13:00, at the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth (Ivan Mazepa Street, 13), with the assistance of the Association “Social Protection”, headed by Yevgeniya Tymoshenko, a charity concert of Yevhen Khmaracomposer, virtuoso pianist, owner of Hollywood the Yamaha Artist, whose art inspires and enchants, is able to penetrate the very essence of man.
Music accompanies us through our life. It can inspire and cheer, calm and heal. Great Pythagoras argued that music obeys a higher law (mathematics), and therefore restores harmony in our heavenly spheres. This was the first scientific explanation of the music healing effect.
Our project is social and unique, and is being held in Ukraine for the second time.
The main goal is music therapy and the attraction of the public to the problems of people with special needs.
Music therapy – one of the oldest methods of treatment. Music can regulate your mental state, and you can heal and physical ailments. Nowadays, music therapy as a recreational discipline is widespread throughout the world.

So we invite people with special needs to visit the concert of Yevgeny Khmara and feel the magical influence of music.

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