Our mission

To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention on the rights of the child  guidelines  as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

Fundraising 35 534 UAH to equip sensory room “Montessori”

2016-03-15 08:03

Association “Social protection” (IASP) announces a fundraising initiative to equip sensory room in correctional centre “Primavera” with “Montessori” equipment for children with autism. To equip the room we need 35 534 UAH. As a result, 30 more children per month could undergo psycho-behavioral therapy! Read more about center “Primavera” on the website: http://primavera-kiev.in.ua
In connection with the worldwide growth of number of children being born with autism, this problem is becoming more acute in every society. In Ukraine the process of early diagnosis, therapy, training, and inclusion of such children are not dealt with on a state level. Parents and teachers have to organize the correctional centers themselves. One day or even one hour lost without proper classes, therapy or correct communication with such children – is the time lost forever. With the correct therapy started early most psycho-behavioral deficits can be eliminated by the age of 10.
Autism is a disorder of the nervous system that violates the human capacity for socialization and communication with other people. At the same time, such person’s intellectual abilities are not lost, quite on the contrary – “islands of knowledge” may appear in the brain – particularly active zones, thanks to which they can easily master languages, musical instruments, programming, engineering etc. Not many people know that such famous people as Einstein, Marie Curie, Bill Gates, Lionel Messi, Tom Cruise – are people with autism!
In society there are many stereotypes regarding the behavior of the persons with autism. The most common is that person with autism is dangerous and unpredictable. Actually it is not exactly true. We need to know that autism is a speciality, not a disease. People without disabilities prefer not to communicate with them, although communication is the first thing people with autism, and especially children, need.

The Montessori method helps the child to develop comprehensively. The Montessori approach offers a sensible, structured system that allows the child to develop at his own pace accordingly to his abilities, using specially designed materials and equipment under the guidance of a teacher.
We believe that with joint efforts and thanks to Your involvement and support, “the rain children” can receive the entire educational program, which is necessary for their development and education at the center.
To join the action and support children with autism is extremely simple: you can transfer funds on e-wallet liqpay

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