Our mission

To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention on the rights of the child  guidelines  as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

Support children with mental disorders

2015-06-05 11:06

All children are the same, but every child has their own characteristics…

According to statistics of the international Institute for the study of autism in San Diego (USA) (autism.com now the number of affected is 1:78 and is growing exponentially.

Compared with the global statistics, the official number of children/adults with autism in Ukraine is understated by 20 times.

In our country there is a lack of experience of early detection and early rehabilitation of autism. Because of this many children with autism become disabled and are not adapted to life in society. Children with special needs, like all other children, have certain rights and among them the right to receive high-quality general education in our country is often violated.

Early detection and intervention can significantly lessen child’s symptoms, disorders of social interaction, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and will lead to a future with no signs of disability in majority of cases.

Therefore, our Association of IPO “Social protection” cooperate with other SO to work on the establishment of mechanisms to solve this problem in the country.

The aim of the project is to combine efforts and resources for the correction of children with special needs with a view to their adaptation and adjustment to life in society (inclusion, building up self-esteem, creating conditions for personal growth).

Autistic children – “rain children” live in their own unreal world. Only attention and assistance from our side will provide an opportunity to socialize, to become a full member of society.


  • Creating conditions for correction, socialization and harmonious development of individuals with autism.
  • Raising awareness and promotional activities for the problems of autism.
  • Organization and holding of seminars, scientific conferences, implementation of training on coping with autism.
  • Creating an online platform on autism in Ukraine
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with related organizations and individual experts in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Support of programmes, projects and activities to ensure equal opportunities for persons with autism.

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